The Story of Baker, CG Cookie Mascot

Baker was created, modeled and animated in early 2011 by David Ward with the goal to create a character representative of the CG Cookie logo. Initially, Baker was going to be used for a video series on animation in Blender, but he has become much more than just a prop. David did an astounding job creating a fun, awkward character that we fell in love with and Baker has been with us ever since.


The CG Cookie team embraced Baker as one of our own and he has been featured in several tutorials.


baker tutorial

In 2013, Baker got an upgrade. Kent Trammel updated the style and models to freshen up Baker's visual appeal while staying true to the essence of the character.



But not everybody shares our love for Baker. In fact, his blue doppelganger, Evil Baker, has been known for his violent outbursts against Baker, presumably jealous of his popularity.

Now, Baker is more fun than ever and available for everyone! Grab your advanced character Baker Rig here. Based on a BlenRig 5 system, Baker is a full-featured rig including IK/FK, stretchy toon controls, facial rig, hinging and tons of other animation-friendly goodies, so there are no limits to what Baker can do.
Perhaps the best thing about Baker is the inspiration he has brought to the CG Cookie community. We love seeing our team and citizens take the concept further and use Baker in new scenes and animations! Some of our favorites are included below.
Have you done something cool with Baker? Share it below!
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  • Mike Joyner

    This rig is amazing. Is this going to be one of the Blender flows? That would be the best.
    Make mine Baker.

  • reavenkhali

    What ever happened to David on CGCookie? I miss the dude.

  • Stephanie Whittaker

    Hmm... looks like Baker can have a girlfriend ?

  • crew
    Pavla Karon

    He isn't a part of any of the learning flows currently in the pipeline, but it's very likely that he could be at some point in the future!

  • crew
    Kent Trammell

    Juan Pablo is an incredible rigging artist!

  • Leonardi Caraballo

    I hope to see juan pablo doing a full "flow" rigging course with baker too!

    Please please please!! ;)

  • Leonardi Caraballo

    or Daniel Salazar aka "ZanQdo" both are incredible talented riggers ;)

  • frederick mira

    call answering service

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