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Part of the Learning Flow: Modeling in Blender

Introduction to Hard Surface Modeling

Difficulty: about 4 hours


Course Summary

This CG Cookie training course covers hard-surface modeling in Blender. Jonathan gives you a complete introduction to modeling hard-surface objects with subdivision surfaces, allowing you to create anything from vehicles, to weapons, to environment props. In this series I’ve chosen a small, stylized airplane as the subject matter as it provides a great example of hard-surfaces that is fairly simple but also easy to learn. The plane design is based on artwork and modeling sheets created by Tim Von Rueden. I’ll be walking you through the complete modeling process of creating this plane, demonstrating a variety of techniques and tools along the way. Among other things, I’ll be showing you box and edge modeling techniques, how to use various modifiers for non-destructive modeling, and multiple techniques for creating sharp edges with optimal geometry. This series is presented in real-time, giving you a complete picture of of my modeling process.