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Part of the Learning Flow: Modeling in Blender

Modeling a Post Apocalyptic Vehicle

Difficulty: about 5 hours


Course Summary

Through this course I’ll be showing you how to tackle a complete, high-resolution vehicle model from start to finish in Blender. So much of the vehicle work we see in the CG world showcases pristine sports cars that most of us can only dream of owning--much less affording. You see a lot of perfectly clean, shiny surfaces with beautiful curving lines. Sports cars are a lot of fun to make and they take no small amount of skill. However, for this course I wanted to do something a little different. Unlike with sports cars, where the goal is clean and pretty, here we’re aiming for dirty, rugged, and beat-up. This is a vehicle that has been thrown together with spare parts, elbow-grease, and no small amount of duct tape.