Model a First Person Weapon

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  • Software: Blender 2.78
  • Difficulty:

Time to show off your modeling skills

Now that you've watched the Modeling Weapons for a First Person Shooter course, your assignment is to model a weapon of your own! You can either model the pistol as shown in the course, the rocket launcher or rifle as shown in the concept art, one from your favorite video game, or from your own imagination! If you choose to do one not shown in the concept art, please include a link to your reference image. 

Just like in a studio, you'll be expected to keep your model low-poly enough to run smoothly in game. The limit for this exercise is 15,000 tris

Steps to complete: 

1. Model a high-poly weapon
2. Create a low-poly version of your weapon
3. Bake the high-poly normals onto the low-poly model
4. Upload the low-poly weapon, with normal maps, to Sketchfab
5. Submit your Sketchfab URL (the one at the top of the browser) 


If you need help

Don't hesitate to post your progress or ask questions in the Community!

Rules of the Exercise

  • 1
    Weapon model must appear functional
  • 2
    Model must be less than 15,000 triangles
  • 3
    Model must have an artifact-free normal map that includes beveled edges and additional details
  • d

    Sketchfab upload issue (smoothing)

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