This is an exercise submission on the exercise Texture a First Person Weapon

Rules of the Exercise

  • 1
    Include at least base color, metalness, glossiness or roughness, and normal maps.
  • 2
    Weapon must appear to be made of at least three different substances (rubber, metal, wood, etc...).
  • 3
    Textures must be well thought through and artifact-free. Anything that looks hastily thrown together shall not pass.

This Exercise Submission has passed!

Exercises are a great way to test what you've learned given certain restraints, while getting feedback from your peers. Plus, they're a lot of fun!

I had a problem with text stamping. It was inverted on the over side of the model because UV islands are on the top of each other. How could I solve this? Thanks!

  • lucky

    Very nice result. I like the Robocop on the side.

  • mrsapog

    blacksheep80 You are right, but the basic idea was an energy that forms in the center. So in the final version you will never see everything through the barrel. Unfortunately I couldn't export this light into Sketchfab.

  • mrsapog

    @jlampelUnderstood. Thank you so much for this awesome course and full road from modeling to texturing!

  • Largecrew
    Jonathan Lampel

    This is fantastic! Nicely done. There's not a great way to fix the inverted text besides adjusting the UV's unfortunately.

  • Large
    Mark Smith

    exercise accomplished...
    good representation...
    good work.

  • Large
    Tony Smith

    Looks good and the texturing is very nice but the only thing that bothers me it that from the front i can see straight through it and kills the realism as it looks like it has no working parts or that its not operational

  • Large
    Yves Perera

    Very nice blaster!

  • Large
    Forrest Harless

    Pretty cool! Looks nice!