Robot Baddie

This is an exercise submission on the exercise Refining the Thumbnail and Adding Variation

Rules of the Exercise

  • 1
    Take one of the previous thumbnails created in the previous exercise (which if you haven't, complete that first).
  • 2
    Do at least 3 refinements of that single thumbnail, each with different variations that are distinct to each design.
  • 3
    Once finished, submit your exercise to be reviewed and looked over under the "Submissions" tab for grading!

This Exercise Submission has passed!

Exercises are a great way to test what you've learned given certain restraints, while getting feedback from your peers. Plus, they're a lot of fun!

I asked some of my friends which of the robot thumbnails they liked and number 2 came up quite often.

Making this was almost like the instructor said; quite boring. But I do like the results.

  • Large
    Dan Johnson

    What a little meany!

  • zeekar

    I like the head shape of #1 and the body articulation of #4. Well done.

  • Large
    Tim Von Rueden

    Agreed with Lampel that each seem to have a different attitude!

  • Largecrew
    Jonathan Lampel

    Nice work, I really like how they all have entirely different personalities within the same general shape.

  • miecz

    Good variations!

  • Large
    Bartosz Piłat

    Nice, mate! I love that face of second robot :)

  • Large
    Mark Smith

    exercise accomplished...
    good representation...
    good work. (I like #4 the best...)