Go beyond creating digitally. Expand your skills by making something real.

Learn the right techniques to start sculpting

  • Materials and Tools

    Explore material properties and think outside the box by making your own custom tools.

  • Human Anatomy

    Gain a profound understanding of human proportions and muscle anatomy.

  • Texturing and Detail

    From skin pores and scars to fur: take a close look at the creation of realistic textures.

  • Breathe Life into Clay

    Touch, feel, and immerse yourself in the creation of your own beautiful sculpture.

Stand Out from the Crowd of Digital-Only Creators

Create your own sculpture to understand space and proportions like never before. Real-life sculpting skills will directly boost your digital art workflow.

Signup Now and watch your sculpting skills skyrocket!

Want a taster first?  Watch Sculpting Basics for free, or explore our library of clay training.

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