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Bring your clay sculptures to life with color!

Master sculptor, Lisa Schindler, guides you through this curriculum about painting clay sculptures. Take your creations to the next level with traditional brush-painting as well as airbrushing. This course is all you need to get started, from tools to troubleshooting to technique.

The Tools

Learn about the different types of paint and their various characteristics. Also discover the power of an airbrush and how it can be invaluable to your painting toolbox.

Troubleshooting Equipment

If you've ever used an airbrush, you know how finicky it can be. Coercing it to function properly can be a headache. Thankfully, Lisa is well aware of the pitfalls and how to correct them so you can focus more on painting and less on equipment.


You can have the best tools money can buy, but if you don't have technique, tools are useless. Develop your painting skills alongside Lisa and you can achieve beautiful finishes.
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Level 2

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I studied at the Academy of Media Arts, Cologne and graduated with honors in 2010. Ever since moving to the US the same year I have honed my sculpting skills and thoroughly enjoy "making things". Currently I'm a sculptor for maquette sculptures and I create limited edition resin kits that I sell on my website. And to top it all off nicely I am now having the pleasure of giving back to others interested in sculpture by sharing my techniques with you here on CG Cookie!