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One of the best ways to learn, improve, and challenge ourselves creatively is to study great artists. Remember Picasso famously said, "Good artists copy. Great artists steal."

Ok, obviously literal stealing is not Picasso's point. Instead the insight of his quote is to get in the habit of admiring and analyzing esteemed artists. In this stream we're doing exactly that; focusing on one of my favorite 3D artists: beeple. We'll look at his background, sift through his body of work, and discuss his artistry/technique.

Beeple is famous for creating an image (usually 3D and always incredible) from start to finish every day for 10 years - and he's still going by the way. Read that sentence again. Besides his absurd ability to create quickly, he's above all a gifted artist. His #everydays work is a deep well of abstract visuals, realism, voice, composition, emotion, etc. Trust me: There is much to learn from studying beeple.

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Digital artist and member of the CG Cookie crew! Every day I teach/learn stuff in the wide world of computer graphics. I've been doing digital art professionally for the past 8 years, from feature films to major amusement park rides to TV commercials to CGC edu. When I'm not on the computer, I'm building real life stuff...or playing my Switch.

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