back BC2-1803: Week 4 - Painting Our Characters

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This event is part of the March 2018 Class, "Creating Stylized Characters with Blender".

Like Dorothy, our characters have so far lived in a black and white world. This week we’re leaving Kansas and adding color. There’s many methods for creating our character texture(s) including hand-painting, baking maps that accent the painting process (great for the less painterly character artists), as well as photo-sourcing. There's also a couple different formats: Vertex Colors and UV/Textures. All things we will be discussing!

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Digital artist and member of the CG Cookie crew! Every day I teach/learn stuff in the wide world of computer graphics. I've been doing digital art professionally for the past 8 years, from feature films to major amusement park rides to TV commercials to CGC edu. When I'm not on the computer, I'm building real life stuff...or playing my Switch.

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