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LET'S TRY THIS ONE AGAIN. Originally this event was scheduled as the last stream of 2017. Unfortunately, an apocalypse of technical difficulties left us without a paddle and we had to cancel. With tails between legs, we retreated, recovered, and have since done several streams in 2018 successfully. So we're giving this topic another go and adding a fourth voice to the conversation: Animator extraordinaire, Wayne Dixon!

Blender has its fanboys, its haters, its utilitarians, its leachers. Given that Blender is powered by the open source movement, it's easy to become fanboys and fangirls. But is that a good thing for Blender or for Blender artists? Blender is free and it's easy to utilize as such, but its also easy to suck it dry; not give anything back. Surely this isn't good for Blender, but is it wrong?

Where do CGCookie instructors fall in this discussion? Find out in the stream with me (Kent), Jonathan Lampel, Jonathan Williamson, and Wayne Dixon! It will be a delightful cocktail of close-minded opinions and practical insight about defining a relationship with our beloved software.

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