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Failure is a huge part of life, part of work, part of art. It can be a crippling discouragement if we let it. It can also be a ladder to the highest success. Understanding failure and learning from it is a crucial discipline for artists.

The CG Cookie team is no stranger to failing. Each of us have can point to key failures in our journies that have shaped us into the artists and people we are today. In this stream Jonathan Lampel, Wayne Dixon, and Kent Trammell share about their biggest failures and what they learned from them.

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Digital artist and member of the CG Cookie crew! Every day I teach/learn stuff in the wide world of computer graphics. I've had the privilege of doing digital art professionally for the past 7 years, from feature films to major amusement park rides to TV commercials. When I'm not on the computer, I'm building stuff in the real world.

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