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Similar Brushes for gimp user available?

Normaly psd brushes can be used with gimp.Except they are e.g "packed" in layers. Unfortunately, these brushes can not be detected by gimp.Is there any way to create these brushes by myself? Or is there are a recommendation to similar brushes?

  • Mona Loren

    it would help me if i knew how these brushes look exactly. Are there any pictures?

  • Mona Loren

    My solution to use the abr brushes in gimp.

    For Gimp-Users with similar error:"...unable to decode abr format ...."
    With abrMate you can open the  brush-set and  export all brushes to  .png
    With this gimp plugIn: Export Layers
    all layers can be saved as  Gimp .gbr  brushes