Trevor Burge

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How exactly do I change the size of something in Object mode, like if I only wanted to make a primative smaller from one side, without going into edit mode?

  • crew
    Jonathan Lampel

    Make only one side smaller? I suppose you could use the Simple Deform modifier on Bend, but first I'd try to block out a similar shape without using anything fancy. It's OK if it doesn't look exactly right since the point is just to get used to object mode tools and blocking things out. 

  • louis1lal

    You can change the origin of the object with the 3D cursor. Or you can change the size of the object in the properties panel by taping n on the keyboards. Finally, you can constraint to the x, y or z while doing the transform by typing x, y or z. I hope this is helping!

    • winston1

      Brilliant!! Thank you