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Is the smooth option a good tool to help make things look correct?

Hello Jonathan, I noticed throughout the work that you don't really use the smooth operator in the "W" key specials menu. I was watching other blender artists on youtube occasionally use this option to help smooth out meshes. 

Right now I am only using the smooth option occasionally on specific parts of my mesh when I want parts of it smooth, and not using it on the entire mesh.

Is this a good idea or will it cause problems with my mesh in the long run?

Is the Smooth option useful? If so how do more advanced artists use this option?

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    Jonathan Lampel

    Hey knightwolf , the smooth tool is a great! I'll use it later on in this course to smooth out areas near the end, but feel free to use it any time along the way as well. As long as the overall shape is retained it won't cause any problems.