Thibaut Bourbon

[wip] Vintage bike helmet, inner part


I'm modelling a motorcycle helmet and while the outter part goes pretty well, I'm wondering if there's a "good" workflow for the inner parts.

I'm using tons of reference like the ones bellow (the second one is the desired result actually) but I find it very difficult to get all the components fitting with each other. I use the low-poly version of my helmet shell to get the initial curvature so I get decent shapes but as soon as it comes to detailling/splitting/adding seams it goes out of hand. I'm not giving up and I know I'll eventually get something nice, but if anyone already modelled a complete helmet and has experience to share I'd be happy to learn!


So far the helmet looks like this, I started detailling the high-poly shell and I love the result. It will look even cooler with the inner :) The reference model is a Bell Bullit.

Any help is welcome!