Henrique Celeste

Character sculpting polybook

Hello CGC citizens, i have been seeing a lot of your polybooks and decided to do one myself, it does sound really cool to do one :). On mine you will see my progress on trying to achieve my dream of becoming a great character artist :3, although i am not that good right now, i do believe in myself to evolve specially with your feedback guys ;).

I am really trying my best to get good, i've been watching a ton of timelapses and other videos when i can and i have also started an everyday challenge to sculpt something of a character, even if it's like a 10 minute sculpt (because of andrew price's speech https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vM39qhXle4g&t=1319s). Right now i am very busy with school since i am finishing 12º grade, but in about 2 months i will start posting fun stuff like a full character sculpt :3.

Also i want to add that i started learning 3D in the start of 2017 on CGC and everything i do in blender was taught to me by CGC :). Until recently i've been doing generalist stuff, but now i have found true passion in character sculpting! (This was probably due to all the fun i had in Kent's march class of stylized characters)

  • This is the first sculpt i did in the everyday challenge

  • now this one was when i tried sculpting an anime character's head, it didn't quite go as expected so i, very very sad, called it a day haha 

  • I then started to focus more on realistic busts, of course with my current skill they don't really turn out realistic, but i always analyze my sculpt and see what i did wrong and then try to not make the same mistake again in the next piece, i leanrt that from Tim Von Rueden.

  • Most of these i tred to pose them according to the reference image (i pretty much always try to replicate something 2D i see on artstation to 3D, i habit i got from march class)

    Also most of these sculpts i take a lot of time doing them even though their not that good, so i don't really have time for the hair, although on this one i started seeing improvement on the speed and i did try to make hair (using the technique taught in the art of sculpting course)

  • On this one i tried to sculpt without a background image, so getting correct anatomy features proved to be very dificult for me, so after this sculpture i bought a anatomy book and i am now learning so many new things i didn't know and i think it's making influence on my scultpures

  • This was my next sculpture without background images, i didn't get time for the ears though

  • i decided to do something diferent on this one, i ran out of time when i was going to add more horns (in the holes i sculpted)

  • If you continue making these pieces, you'll see that you will get better and better. Nice work!

  • Now this is what i did yesterday, reference was a stylized character girl from artstation. Now in the final render i see that i made a mistake without realizing, the top of the ears and the eyes arent ligned up

  • ttabbyr just a little bit 

  • Alright this is what i managed to do today, reference was from zenoris: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/qDnwe

    I gave it my best at replicating it in 3D but i don't know... it just feels off,  maybe it's because i don't actually finish the sculpture, maybe if i add hair, correct the ears and add eyebrows and textures maybe it would look similar... hmmm i'm thinking of instead of starting a new sculpture everyday i'll just take my time to finish one!

    I think i've already improved enough to move to things like hair and shading 

  • Alright, today was a very busy day for me so i didn't get a lot of time. As i said earlier I am going to aim for finishing sculptures now, instead of sculpting a bust everyday.

    For my first one i'll be using a reference from zenoris again: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/rDm2m

    I was able to do the pose today, having trouble with the head but we'll see how it goes 

  • ttabbyr This is the progress i've done for today. Anime is so hard :( :( :( i don't know what i'm doing wrong but i am also quite happy that i notice that i've been making progress, so i'm going to stay strong and continue cause i'm also pretty excited about this. Also it may seem that she has both top and bottom rows of teeth but actually the bottom is just the tongue haha i got to get better at lighting.

  • ttabbyr Today was a really intense day, i only slept 3 hours because i got too excited messing with nodes following the space vfx course and i had school all day plus it was my birthday so i got really really tired and i was more inclined on not doing anything today for the character, but andrew price's words keep coming into my mind: "I will just draw one line, i can draw one line" that's what i decided to do and hey i spent 45 minutes sculpting, i must go to bed now though, i can not sleep 3 hours again haha.

    Today i roughed out the body, i won't detail much further than this since the body will be covered in clothes

  • This week has been insanely tough, i had to do a lot of stuff for school, including 3D models for my school's final project and a hecking demonic mad insanely big 60 page report about handball because i'm bad at physical education and failed it.

    Now that things have calmed down, tomorrow i might start posting again!

  • I kind of tried out the anime steins gate and... got extremly addicted to it haha so i didn't really do anything this weekend besides it.

    Since time has past i kind of lost interest on the character i was doing and i'll probably start a new one tomorow. Thing is, i absolutely love anime and stylized characters so i'll probably only be doing those for a while.

    Anyway today i wanted to sculpt a face but without having any references, sculpting out of my imagination

  • ttabbyr I normally stop at this point of the sculpture because i have no idea how to take it to the next level yet

  • ttabbyr Your sculptures are getting better and better, you should definitely try the realistic character creation course by Kent.

  • baukepost Thank you for recommendation Bauke Post, that's actually one of the few courses I haven't watched about sculpting here in cg cookie because when it came out i saw it was mostly time lapse based, and back then i was even newbier than i am now so i didn't really like timelapses, although right now i prefer time lapses because i already knoew the technical stuff! The problem is i can't really afford a subscription now, i'll check it out as soon as i can!

    Regarding "Your sculptures are getting better and better", thank you for saying that, it means a lot to me! I've been noticing that too as i sculpt, wchich is a huge confidence boost!

  • I can't really wait for tomorrow to do this so i've already started my new character production, and the character is none other than Zero Two from Darling in the Franxx! (tear dropping anime by the way).

    I concluded the base mesh process but now i have to go to sleep, classes tomorrow so scultping will also only start tomorrow. I might also add that this is a posed sculpture like last time, sculpting asymmetrically awaits me.