Yannis Sayeh

Very first human head: Need feedbacks

Hi, this is the 1st human head that i've done:   https://skfb.ly/6yUpL
It's based on the course "Blender Mesh Modeling Bootcamp" By Jonathan Lampel.

I must admit this is the hardest thing i've model so far, and i also know this is far from perfection.
I tried to modelised the head by my own and not to reproduce exactly what i've seen on the video, because i try to learn how to model and not just copy to get the same result as the instructor.

Now here is the "final" result with it's tons of errors that i've made...
Honestly, during the process, i asked myself "Maybe i'm not made to model?", or "Why it seems so easy on the video, when i struggle to guess what i'm suppose to do next?"

At the moment, my goal is to be able to model anything that i want to.
My project is to model each of the 807 existing Pokemon x).

But... when i see this bust, i have serious doubts on my abilities to model well.
That's why i'm asking for critiques.
Thanks :) (And sorry for my bad english... ^^')

  • Please don't think you're not made to model because that's not being fair on yourself.  :)

    Study the anatomy for the human head.  Just develop a better understanding of it and you'll be able to implement your knowledge when creating stylised characters.  Also learn about measurements and proportions when it comes to constructing the head and the human face.  

    Perhaps you should start learning to sculpt with blender or even draw the human head; this would allow you to think more about studying the head and learning to construct and measure  without having to think too much about topology.  

    I'd always recommend using references as much as possible (regardless of skill level). 

    Don't give up.

  • Let me tell you something important: learning cg (online) can be hard, really hard, and there's a lot of self doubt involved. It can seem very intimidating to learn such a difficult topic as 3d modeling well, especially if you see amazing art posted by others. I always tell myself I have to do three things, and then everything will be alright: 

    1. Work a lot (I work every day)

    2. Challenge yourself (don't keep doing things you already know, but tackle something that you find hard. Heads for example. It's also incredibly helpful to absorb new knowledge using tutorials and courses)

    3. Don't give up; you can't fail unless you do.

    Believe in yourself, you can do it!

  • And for the head:

    1. There is some kind of seam going through the middle, make sure the subsurf comes after the mirror. If you don't, the subsurf will smooth one half and the outside edges will curl outwards a bit. When it's mirrored, that will look weird.

    2. There seem to be some faces behind the ear which are really unnecesary, you should remove those.

    3. The proportions aren't completely correct, it helps to study anatomy, even for cartoonish characters.

    Good luck :)

  • Thanks a LOT for your kind words and advices, i will work and i'll do better next time :)

  • like vonzaku said use reference...

    reference provides the information of how something actually appears, rather than how I "think" it appears...

    keep working at it...