Blender Animation Bootcamp vs. Physics


I follow currently the Blender Animation Bootcampd from Wayne.

My basic reaction is why I'm doing it, what is the course's value. Why for example bother hours to roll a ball and squash it when a physics tab (rigid, cloth, soft, etc’) can make it in seconds, etc'.
I trust those who know animation know why I should do it, that is I know that I missing the point, that my question expresses lack of knowledge, I just don't know what is it.

I'm already towards the end of the course. I know it develops my intuition, attention to details, that I need to learn how to tweak manually the parameters, when Blender's algorithms don't provide me with a reliable end result, etc'

I simply struggle to place these two tools together (i.e. do it all manually and physics tab), I don’t get a good vision how they are used, I assume together, by 'real' animators.  

Thanks for any input!

  • crew

    Using Physics is fine if you want a realistic portrayal of movement. Problem is you can't control every single aspect of physics. With animation you're in complete control of every aspect of movement. 

  • There is definitely a bigger picture here to see and fortunately there is already a whole video devoted to your questions. I'll just say "Everything is a bouncing ball!" The principles you learn from this simple exercise will stay with you in every shot you do. Timing, spacing, squash/stretch, path of motion/arcs, slow in/slow out, and anticipation; all of this you learn from the ball and all of this is important to bring life to a character. These simple exercises are also going to help your technical skills. Better to understand the graph editor with a ball than try to do an acting shot with a ton of graphs going all at once. These are things you can't get with a simulation and it only gets harder from here. Good luck my friend, happy animating.

  • crew

    Hey Donbonbon,

    All the exercises are designed to train a specific skill you need to create great animation.

    First you will need to understand the tools and understand the rules before you can go ahead and break them....the rules that is.  It's actually quite easy to break the tools ;)

    Some of the exercises might feel like you're running a 100m dash while dragging a rubber tyre along the grass behind you.  But hey, do you know what world champion sprinters do to get better at sprinting?.....(I think they animate a rolling ball)

    Sometimes you will use the computer to do the grunt work and sometimes you simply can't. Why?  Because there is no physics button for a character to do a forward flip into a double jump and a power slam into the ground with the timing an spacing pushed to achieve maximum effect.

    But for an animator who has done all those sprints while dragging a tyre, they don't need a button.

    They are the button.

  • waylow

    Hi all,

    Thanks for the attention and for the advise. It helps to get some perspective.


  • waylow

    Hi Wayne,

    I was curious if you (or whomever) can update the vonnbots in the animation bootcamp to include IK to FK snapping and vice aversa if all possible. I think the rig is great and I would like to use them in my demo reel in the future, and would make animation a little more easier for advanced animators

  • crew


    We'll see how things work in 2.8
    I'm trying not to update things for them only to need to be updated again ;)