Pascal Ferrère

Setting up Flamenco - Renderfarm Windows 10

Hey guys,

I'm currently trying to set up a personal renderfarm but I end-up being a bit stuck right now.
First I followed the tutorial made by Kent Trammell called "Setting Up a Renderfarm", unfortunately using a VNC and Linux didn't work well for me so I switched to Windows Remote Desktop Connection.

Now the remote connection works fine and still following Kent's tutorial I installed the Blender Network Render addon. However this addon is a bit painful to use and doesn't always work well (in my case). For this reason I've decided to try to install Flamenco which is a tool provided by the Blender Foundation (

I successfully installed the Render Manager but for some reason the Render Worker doesn't seem to work. I always get the following error message: WARNING flamenco_worker.worker.FlamencoWorker Unable to POST to manager /sign-on

Does anyone here have some experience installing and using Flamenco?