yukino hatake

UNSOLVED need help/advice for eevee eyes

Hello guys .
i have been working onto eevee and first want to get the eyes good fitting into the sculpture so that later with animations i could make even rolling eyes expressions if needed.
now first i had a sphere and flathen that almost completly this was the result 

it looked really good and lovely . but i dont think its possible to animate those eyes . then i took a shere but since she has big eyes i decided to strech them . got this result somehow good but still looking slightly diffrent

(sorry for the collor) so this somehow turned out not too bad in the end but now when i want her eyes to look up since its a stretched sphere its ok when looking left and right but when looking up that will cause problems.
i followed already a part of the pierro course but then again those eyes where round in the reference.
i hope someone can give me some advice for this.

  • Perhaps this is what you're looking for?

  • williamatics hey thank you this is indeed what i been looking for . still thinking how i should do the texturing since the sclerais not white here but black but i gonna try it out and hopefully it looks good. again thanks already for the link

  • You're welcome.

  • guess i am stuck so i hope someone can help me out . 

    i followed the tutorial williamatics showed me as well the tutorial of pierro but overal i try to follow the one mentioned in this post
    since that one is more about how to get the shape (trough for finishing i like pierro more :) )
    now at part 2 after pressing 2 times TAB the mesh should update after getting binded but as you see for me this is not happening
    as for him it did worked . so does anyone know what the problem is ?
    this is mine

    this is how it should been 

  • maybe its a good idea to post my file along with the question(maybe somehow i forgot someting)
    this is the file 

    eevee eye file
    and this tutorial i am following.(right now i am at part 2 and did everything till 1 minute far . but its noting like his example so i really hope someone can help me figure this out . its actually hard to know what he does sometimes or why that is so i am kinda lost .

    cartoon eyes tutorial

  •  anyone knows how to fix this? 

    I am afraid if I continue I would make the eye only worse. 

    Also I would love to retopo the model for the critique but for that I first need to get the eye good so that I can sculp in the form corectly

  • yyukinoh1989 Hi Yukino, I'll start this post by saying I  don't know anything about animation, so can't help you with the rig tutorial itself.  

    I've been reading your questions and wanted to respond to them because you seem a bit stuck. What I mean is you specifically seem to be stuck in your Eevee animation, being only focused on that. And if this is your hobby and that's all you want to do (right now) by all means go for it! It's a fun project 😊 

    However, I happen to remember you mentioning multiple times that you want to do this for a living at some point. And if that's still your main focus at this point in time, I would advice you to put Eevee aside for now (maybe only spend one day per week on it, since it's a fun personal project), and focus your time on learning the basics, learning techniques and practise different skills. 

    3D is hard, it takes years of dedicated learning and hard work to get your skills to a professional level. So do some courses from the beginner learning flow, work through the modeling learning flow to learn all the techniques and practise making a character model that can be animated well, and of course don't forget the animation learning flow where you can learn all the fine details that make an animation look cool and nice and real! 

    I know for sure that if you go through these courses, at some point the 'advanced' eye rig tutorial will become 'easy', and by then you will be able to identify and fix these kind of problems you encounter very easily 🙂 

    Feel free to ignore me of course, everyone's journey is different and your own, it's up to you to decide how you want to do it! Just enjoy the progress, and I wish you the best of luck whichever way you want to go 😎

  • smurfmier1985 you have a point there. The main problem is I don't yet fully understand what those modifiers do that he use in the tutorial. As for when I try to work on eevee 1 time a week would it be wise to start retopo while I still need to adjust the head for the eyes or should I really start trying to get those eyes corectly.?

    Already thanks Miranda :)