Dennis Henderson

Why are some tutorials nuked off of the site?

I recently stumbled across this page that links to this site but the tutorial seems to be missing 

I know its a very very old tutorial but it still has information that could be useful and a replacement video hasn't been made so why is it gone?

  • In the last line of your comment is the very answer to your question... It's an old tutorial. Usually, if there's another tutorial that has newer, more up to date information, they will archive an older one. Prior to this version of CG cookie, you could find the archives on site, but now, a lot of them, if they're still available, are on CG Cookie's You Tube channel under the "classics", I think.

    and you're right.. some do still have valid info... One I miss on the site itself is Jonathan Williamson's topology videos. those are still very much relavent.

  • ddennisj  Jonathan Lampel is chugging away at adding old tutorials to the CGC Youtube site.  Maybe

    you can ask him about that particular lesson.  It's mentioned in this thread.  

  • crew

    Hi ddennisj - First, I'm glad to hear that you acknowledge the good info in old tutorials. A lot of people don't understand this and avoid old tutorials. We aim to keep our educational library as relevant as possible. As long as the techniques in a video aren't obsolete (replaced by new tools or workflow) we'll keep it in the on-site library. This is why we have several tutorials and courses that are 3+ years old.

    Honestly I wasn't aware of that tutorial from Dave lol. It was before my time. But like Grady and Char pointed out, the videos and courses we deem 'outdated' are removed from our on-site library and eventually get transferred to our Youtube "Classics" playlist.