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Polybook - Old Dog

Well... it's been a long inconsistent time for me hooking up with CGCookie and 3D anything. That's come to a close. Having gotten through hunting season here, I've made a drastic decision which should help spur along 3D learning, creativity and hopefully in time worthwhile posts. I've bit the bullet, and after 12 years, have closed down the motel for good - so no more disturbances and no more excuses to not move forward with this venture.

Goals... yup (some are doable and some are flitting pipe dreams). Hoping to get through an hour of tuts per day (learning flows or otherwise) and post assignments. I also have a number of projects that are running around in my mind. A couple are just fun little shorts. A couple are not so short, but should prove to be fun nonetheless. It's all fun, right? So right now, it's been penciling out scenes and assets, but thus I'm afraid I get ahead of myself. First, I NEED to learn this craft - hence why I shut the motel down and will be now concentrating solely on this. All I can say is thank god for CGCookie.

Let the learning begin...

p.s. still in 2.79 (NOW IN 2.80 !!)

  • pffsfs Welcome back Scott, I missed ya funny 2.79 comments Old Dog! 😛 Wow that's a huge step, closing your motel.. I wish you the best of luck with your learning, looking forward to seeing your progress!

    PS the Beta version of 2.8 is out now 😉

  • Welcome back!  Nice to see you again!  Looking forward to what you can do!

  • 4 Dec 2018

    Closing it out for the day. Thank you Miranda - I'm afraid with luck will go motivation. Thank you also Silent.

    Starting out with the Mesh Modeling Bootcamp. Will  probably go back over retopo of the orb and do a quick Melvin just to see what I've lost. Then it's off to the races (so to speak).Well... probably could have had this coffee cup thingy done and out of the way a while ago, but i decided to tackle a number of different styles. Only put a saucer under one of them. I almost feel as if I'm starting over. 

    This last one is a teaser... anyone want to venture a guess as to what this is??

    Enough coffee cups... Off to model with primitives (see what I mean by starting over. lol.)

    Until the morrow.

  • pffsfs You are off to a great start over. Good luck!

  • pffsfs Even if you did lose some progress, it sounds like now you will be able to dedicate more time to modeling, so you'll catch up in no time =]  Don't get too discouraged; you'll get there.

    Does that last one have a mustache guard?

  • pffsfs Good practice for the first day, you'll be back on track in no time 😊👍🏻

  • pffsfs nice work so far the last one is funny. I see a bat symbol onto it. Is that for the upper lip? Maybe for kids? 

  • 5 Dec 2018

    drgnclw … Thank you. Starting always seems to be the hard part

    silentheart00 … Here’s to hoping. Just not wanting to get burned out. And yes, that last one is actually called a mustache mug - keeps the mustache from getting wet. Sorry yyukinoh1989 … it wasn’t a ‘bat signal’ lol.

    smurfmier1985 … not sure about the ‘in no time’ part, but I thank you. Doing what I can whithout burning out


    Not sure why I'm doing yet another primitive model, but I decided to play along and look a the snapping function, only to find out I could have saved myself some time had I planned ahead. Ugggg. planning sucks. 

    Here is the submission in Sketchfab (hopefully this works)

  • pffsfs Hey, at least you know about snapping now =]  And yeah, the link works.  Nice house.  Could use a ground plane, though, to help it not look like it's floating through space.  Otherwise, good work!

  • 5 Dec 2018 (reprise)

    silentheart00 ... thank you for the feedback on the floating house . hee hee

    Made it through a bit more today, even though got a late start. Not there was an exercise for it... voila - soccer ball. I figured it's best to commit some of these concepts to muscle memory. Ran into a snafu during the creation that I finally got figured out.

    Been having fun reading through smurfmier1985 Polybook and even learning there along the way. Hope to get to a few others' soon. I find it refreshing to see what others are doing, their work-arounds for problems and ideas as well. Gotta ove the CGCookie community.

    Alrighty peeps... it's pillow time. Happy modeling/animating and creating

  • When 2.8 is finished we'll all be beginners again :)

  • ben-reynolds I reallly isn't too bad, the differences aren't as extreme as most people think. You get used to it pretty quick and then you never want to go back! 😬

    pffsfs Glad you enjoyed my Polybook and found it useful! 😊 I agree about the CG Cookie community, they are the best 😎

  • 6 Dec 2018

    Well… redirecting topology seemingly got a bit easier (well it makes more sense now - it ain’t easier). One mistake I was making is using “F” to fill between vertices instead of “J”. Makes a HUGE difference. That’s why I like taking the time to actually DO what he’s talking about. It all seems easy enough listening to it, but until I’ve made my own mistakes in going through the same thing, I find I really haven’t ‘learned’ it. It’s satisfying and humbling at the same time.

    The CGCookie logo definitely had my brain freezing at times, but I just took Jonathan's basics and pushed my way through. Yikes... Just looked at the time (nearly midnight), but I finally got the logo done.

    It's also here if you want to spin it around. lol

    yyukinoh1989 ... had a chance to go through your Polybook today as well. Nice ideas going on there. The building is gonna be very interesting.

    smurfmier1985  ... 2.79 or death

    Night all.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • @pffsfs Nice work!  The iris is kind of poking through the bottom, but that's a small fixable thing.

  • pffsfs That whole course had a huge positive impact on my skills. By the time you're done with that course you'll have a solid idea on how to model pretty much any inanimate object.

    Keep pushing through!

  • 7 Dec 2018 (a day late)

    silentheart00  ...thank you. I knew I had gotten too exuberant with that depth and never went back and checked (the ‘devil in the details’… *sigh*)

    drgnclw  ...   Each step I take in that bootcamp certainly challenges me (or maybe I’m 3d challenged). In either case, I’m having fun with it and yes it’s definitely helping with honing the basics - always comes back to that. With the logo I kind of went off and saw what what came intuitively to me rather than following Jonathan “step for step” and yup I ran into problems. Most I was able to solve on my own going back to his preaching, but there was one at the end - had the exact same issue he was having - I had to go back to the video and see what he did. Now to try and remember that trick for later works....

    Speaking of challenging, the 'house' exercise is kicking my backside. Finally had to shut the computer off and say frak it. Deleted whar I did this morning and we'll start over and try again. After dong this seemingly easy concept that Jonathan laid out (I said seemingly - maybe it's just me), I'm going to take a little time and indulge myself in a house that I want to actually use in something (the ideas just won't quit).

    Here's to hoping the 8th is more productive. Ciao...

  • pffsfs don't get discouraged, 3D comes with a lot of challenges and everyone gets stuck at some point. If you find today is equally frustrating I would recommend getting away from this exercise for a couple of days (do something from another course or your own project) and then get back to it with fresh eyes. Often this helps tremendously! Keep at it and you'll get there 😊

  • 8 Dec 2018

    Thank you smurfmier1985 . It’s not so much discouraged as it is frustrated, but I get what you’re saying - often had to take that approach when programming. One day at a time and I’m an impatient one, so got to slow myself down and be realistic.

    What a difference a day makes. Lesson 1 - pay attention to the questions asked in the courses. There is always a good chance something that’s bothering you or you’re struggling with will have already come up. Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions as it will most likely help someone else down the road (if they bother looking at the questions).

    I hate tweaking. I hate tweaking. I hate tweaking. I hate tweaking. I hate tweaking. The only good coming out of tweaking is I’ve gotten pretty good at using snapping…. but…. I hate tweaking.

    9 Dec 2018

    Oh dear gawd… spent 2-3 hours trying to figure out why my bevel/inset wasn’t working and turned out to be a simple problem of logistics. Forgot when building the house every section was separate and as such the was a hidden wall in the way of the inset. (I hate tweaking).

    The house itself is FINALLY finished. Unfinished exercise here. Still have to complete the exercise by making it ‘homey’ - hoping to have that done this evening. But between last night and this morning fixing the hidden wall issue, grasshopper is in need of a break. Still planning on taking a one or two day sabbatical to work on a house I’d like to use as an asset. Hope y’all like it.

    By the way… did I mention “I hate tweaking”

    Two questions... where do you peeps find the emojis and second on long posts I don't seem to get a scroll bar to get back to the top of a post. Is that normal or just me?

  • pffsfs Hey, that's a pretty good start on that house!  Take a break, tackle this again with fresh eyes.

    The emojis are accessible if you right click in the text bar and "Emoji" is at the top of the menu for me.  That should bring up the emoji menu.  👍

    And yes, if you create a long post there is no way to scroll back up.  It's annoying, but CGCookie only has 1 web dev.  You can report it if you want so they're aware, but it'll probably be a low priority fix.

  • pffsfs good work the house looks good. Keep this up ;)