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[CGC Challenge #1] Submissions Page

May 7th: DRUMROLL PLEASE! And the winners are...

April 29th: That's a wrap! Submissions are now closed, but you can still vote on your favorites until next Friday ❤️




Just drop your final image in the comments of this forum thread before the deadline hits. Don't forget to mention whether you've used Eevee or Cycles!


⏰ This challenge ends in 4 weeks on Sunday April 28th at Midnight 

(We have many different time zones in our community, so as a rule of thumb just stick with whenever it's midnight in your time zone 😊)




To keep this page easy for the judges to browse through, we kindly ask you to only post your final images here and to refrain from leaving any other comments. If you want you can join our conversation on the Challenge page and share your thoughts with us over there. 

Thank you so much! 😇🙇


One awesome entry will be rewarded with the Community Award, a great honor, and you guys will decide who that lucky person will be! Use the love button at the bottom of each entry post to vote on your favorites. The entry that gets the most love will be the winner and takes home 40XP. 1st (100XP), 2nd (80XP) and 3rd (60XP) place will be decided by the judge panel. 

May the best Cookie win 😎🏆


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  • FTS! Eevee All the Way.

  • 100% EEVEE!  

    ~ 2 sec rendertime, working on the model is awesome because you can see every change in rendered mode immediately!

    Substance Painter for texturing (color, normal and discplacement map for subdivided Suzanne)

    Particles for leaves etc, textures for leaves & eyes painted in Photoshop

    SSS, AO, depth of field, soft shadows and bloom effect

    Photoshop for color correction


  • So this is my submission for the challenge, a project inspired after a concept from Max Grecke, an amazing artist https://www.artstation.com/maxgrecke .

    It was modeled in Blender, Textured in Substance Painter, Rendered in Cycles and small retouches in Photoshop.

    Thank you and enjoy!

  • Rendered in Cycles and post processing done in the Blender compositor... Come on Cycles!

  •                                           When It's time; It's time

    Made with Eevee

  • Evee all the way!

  • Did this in Cycles. Took heavy inspiration from War of the Worlds. About seven hours of rendertime due to the volumetrics.

  • Cycles Tribesman

  • EEVEE is great... but since I can't choose both, I say Cycles!

  • "Coolzanne"

    Everything is made in Blender and for the engine I chose EEVEE.

  • Here is my submission for the Eevee vs. Cycles Challenge. I was actually planning to use  Cycles, however, in the end I rendered it in Eevee. 

    Still I believe Cycles is more powerful when it comes to realistic renders, if there was not the long render time... Eevee is great and I was surprised that if you tweak the settings a bit, you can still get a fantastic result! So my answer to Eevee vs. Cycles: Both are great and which to use totally depends on your project ;)

    Success everyone!

  • I took this as an opportunity to learn some texturing. I really liked being able to use Eevee to view the resulting textures in real time. I'm blown away on how responsive it was. 

  • Crap...my time is just about up. I always do this! XD Wait till the last few days to do my challenges and stuff! Anyway... I used CYCLES!"Seven Hours at Suzanne's" is the name! I may have messed up the fuzz, but this is more than I've ever done in a scene! I'm glad to have done the challenge! Congratulations to everyone that finished!

  • *bzzt* *whiiiiiiiiir*

    " -being the world's second largest car manufacturer, it's come as a bit of a shock that they declared bankruptcy mere hours ago. Their CEO, Henry Golfman, was quoted as saying, "Despite our best efforts, we simply cannot keep up wi- "

    *whiiir WHIIIIIIIIR whiiiir*

    " -tock market is aflutter with controversy as of late, due to 87% of all stocks being owned by th- "

    *WHIIIR whir whiiiiiir*

    " -our new life insurance plan you can secure the financial wellbeing of your family, starting at $1999.99 a month. Remember, we own your life, so you might as well pay for it! This message brought to you by the Blender Corporation."

    Well this was one helluva close shave. Despite going into crunch mode these past few days I unfortunately couldn't get everything I wanted to be done, but I'm liking my entry overall. If you're interested on my more in depth thoughts of this piece I'll detail that in the morning in my polybook as to not clog this place up, but for now I pray I got everything done in time.

    Also due to a lot of crashing and whatnot I had to render this at a low sample count to get it done in time to apologies if you see any bad fireflies or splotches or something.

    Was made using 2.79 Cycles.

  • That's a wrap! Submissions are now closed. Let the judging begin :)