Wes Burke

Live Streams - Should I schedule another Welcome New Member stream?

Hey there, 

In the past I've held a few Welcome New Member live streams here on the Cookie. They've typically been laid back, candid streams covering a few updates from CG Cookie, followed by a walk-through of the site. I was about ready to schedule a new one, but then I hesitated... 

Are these streams necessary with so many recorded versions available? Would you like to see me talk on something else, or treat it as a general hangout AMA? 

  • To me, it seems like it already is just a general hangout. Maybe what you could do for new members is just have one of those recorded livestreams for new members be on their dash board.

  • How about a general hangout with newbies asking questions.  No particular topic, but have some general questions in mind

    to kind of get the ball rolling?

  • I like the "General Hangout" idea. It is also  a great opportunity to hear and ask questions about upcoming  projects and fun courses on the website.

  • wesburke I like the idea of an hour just hanging out and talking cookies & stuff. "The Cookie Hangout Stream", has a nice ring to it :-D 

    You could talk about the newest stuff on CG Cookie, what you guys are working on now (show us some sneak peeks!), other Cookie / CG news that interesting. Maybe do something unique each stream to keep it fresh, like give some tips & tricks on learning or starting your own business etc., like you sometimes do on the blog. And maybe sometimes partnering up with one of the Cookie Crew? could give some cool conversations and variation in topics to talk about :) and AMA is always a great addition to every stream of course ;)

    As for the walkthrough bit, I think by now there are enough recordings available. Maybe at least show every hangout stream where new members can find them on the site? that way they always know where to start.

  • As a new member recently, i would appreciate one!

  • falker Welcome to the Cookie! No idea if there will be a new one at some point, but you can find all the previously recorded New Member Streams over here:


  • crew

    falker Welcome to the Cookie! 🍪

    Let me know if that pre-recorded version helps, if not hit me up directly at if you have any questions or ping our team using the orange circle in the bottom right of the screen. Happy learning! 


  • smurfmier1985 I'm new too. Thank you for the link!

  • xelm Welcome to the Cookie! And glad to be of assistance 😊