Adam Bowkett

Polybook, Adam's.

Meet my Drone. 

This is a drone standing guard in the English desert. Yes, English desert, it is the 22nd century and things are that bad.

Tech on the done is not all that advanced, as a lack of clean drinking water left production facilities with reduced or no people. A raised fear of manufacturing polluting what is left of drinking water had further impacts on factories that were fully automated.

Left to right, (Top Hat gunning fitting.) The top hat part is replaceable, the drone can be moved to other duties and fitted out accordingly. The gunning fitting, boast barrels from 200-year-old machine guns, short mags each holding 30 rounds. (The reason being down to reduced production, bullets also in short supply) Drones mostly carry out firing duties as they have an increased accuracy of 90 – 100% 
Centre is the main drone body housing all the electronics and powerhouse. Sight is by way of 3 lens’s infrared, UV and green laser for targeting and measurement. 
Right, again a changeable part, this drone currently holds long range radar, that links with other drones to give a large area picture.

The plan for this model is for it to painted in a distressed digital desert camo and add scratches to the lens cover to indicate its length of service. Rivets, lots of rivets. A sandy environment with a heat haze to be added to the animation.

  • This is the Stdb side, please ignore the current cammo. It is a test wrap and very much work in production. The right side  shows shell ejection covers. This have been designed to keep used shells nearby so they can be easily collected.  Brass and all metals are hard to come by in this world.   

  • The Drone is now complete and can be viewed in the gallery.
    New Project for July 2019

    Project July 2019.


    Start date July 01

    Complete by July 31

    I am going to be modelling, animating and texturing an American design the Phalanx CIWS. (“sea-wiz”)

    The primary aim of the Phalanx is to be the last line of defence against inbound missiles.
    It works by putting so many rounds in to the air it almost creates a wall of (although will never be confirmed.) depleted uranium, a very dense armour piercing metal.

    Why am I taking this project on?

    An interest in naval shipping.  

    Problems to overcome

    • Texturing – Never done it before
    • Modelling – Low skill level
    • Animation – Low skill level
    • Magnitude of project is bigger than attempted before

    How to overcome problems

    • Texturing weapons in Blender & Substance painter by Jonathan Lampel
    • By doing

    Goals of the project.

    • Improve modelling
    • Learn to use texture
    • Improve Animation
    • Complete project in planned time frame, regardless.  

    Week one. July 01 - Model.

    July 01

    • Plan project
    • Create directory. Blend. Ref. Textures. Render Files
    • Collect Ref for modelling, technical drawings, first/third person views if available.

    July 02

    • Blocking

    July 03 – 07

    • Detail

    Week Two – July 08 – 14  

    • Forget about project and go on holiday.

    Week Three –July 15 -21 - Texture

    • Collect Ref Images for Texture.
    • Texture model.

    Week Four – July 22 - 28 Animation

    Final days July 29 – 30

    • Rendering

  • How are we getting on end of week one.

    Excuses in first.
    Started well, however I am looking to return to work in September. Many interesting jobs/careers have come up and I have spent more time focusing on applying for those. In good news, the role I am most excited about called back. They are a model company that design & build RC aircraft, boats, trains. I would be looking after vacuum formers, laser cutters and 3d printers.
    Other roles include a relocation to Cornwall in UK, this is a very beautiful costal area home to the best beaches, I do like my surfing.

    More duties have seen the dishwasher breakdown, if you are married like me you will understand the importance of a dishwasher to prevent needless arguements on who does the washing up. A recirculating valve was found to be faultly, new part ordered, replaced and marrige saved.. Hahaha.

    Life happens, motivation for this porject remains high.

    For this week, today is motorsport therefore I am done and officially on holiday for the next seven day.

    Enjoy your day.


  • ads No excuses necessary; good luck with the job search!

    The model is coming along just fine so far. :)

    I like that you started with an actual written project plan.  I make these goals and set expectations in my head before beginning a project, but I don't write them down.  Perhaps I ought to give that a try for my next one.

  • jjakeblended Hey buddy, I hope you are well.

    I am writing the project up before hand to start gaining an idea of realistic time scales for future projects. Document failures and success to aid improvment and fine tune detail. A strong way to monitor personal improvement.
    Setting deadlines is a sure fire way to remove''perfectionist'' as we can easily become indicisive with so many options and ways of doing things, thus adding another unfinished project..

    The current plus is after being away for a week I have returned fully relaxed knowing exactly where I am, with a direction.

    Enjoy your day.


  • Hours to spare at the end of week two and I was keen to spend them in Blender .
    Week three will be textue and shading. I am expecting to have time left over to return to the modelling side.   
    Day one, research.
    The Image is my currently position with the model.
    Enjoy your day.


  • Dear whoever it may concern,

    Don't expect all that much, all I have done is a bit of work on colour. My reasoning is life is alot going on with job hunting.
    This week I attended one interview and quaickly realised it was not for me, I was too high energy for the company. I felt it would be difficult to sustain interest in the role and when I am bored, I am unpredictable and dangerous.

    Next interview is this comming Friday, initially it was going to require working away. However it's almost as if the stars have aligned as the exact job my wife is doing has suddenly popped up in the same area. So all of my time has been taken up, house hunting, checking out schools, massive reconnaissance of the area. It's a little crazy as it's like an outside force is setting everything up. That said I have got to get the job and make sure it is right first. Still prior preps prevent piss poor perfomce.

    On that note, this project is being put back. If i get the job, I am off. This could be goodbye until all is moved. Atleast I have a project waiting for me to come back to.

    Enjoy your day,

    Adam x