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Hi there Everyone.
This is my New Polybook with the New CGC And i thought it would be an awesome Idea to kick it off with all the Projects I have done so far (Unfinished and Completed Projects) all in order.

Check out my Artstation Account if you would like to check out some more work.

Stay tuned till the end, it gets better I promise XD
So with out Further a dew, here goes nothing :)

First Model I have on File.
It was an attempt at making a Building (Tutorial on youtube)

This was My Second model.
It was a tutorial From Andrew Price on youtube.

My Third Ever Model.
I think it was'nt to bad and I had a lot of fun doing this.
Tutorial is also on youtube.

My Fourth Image is just me learning about Lighting.

This was a Project Done using Andrew Prices Tutorial on maps.
It was my  first time using Normal, Disp and so on maps.
I had a lot of fun.

This was ANOTHER Tutorial from Andrew Price and my first time learning about Physics.

This is once the ball hits.

This was me trying to take what I learnt from the Ball of light and the Floor and apply it here, Not the best but learnt a bit :)

The continuation of the Image above, it was Supposed to be a water founten but wasn't.

Here was me trying to Figure out the Fire Simulation, Clearly I have no idea what I'm doing XD

Here was doing one of the Exercises for the CGC modeling course.

This is the Cousre by Jonathan Williamson for the apocalyptic Jeep course.
Its a really great course.

This guy was my entry into the Halloween course in 2015 I think and my First character :)
I used the Intro to Character creating course here on CGC to create this guy. Its a great course and highly recommend it.

This was a Personal Project I was doing for my Late Father.
I will finish this one day for sure :)

This is Obviously my Creation of the Sci Fi Helmet course from Kent Trammell.
Such an awesome course and its where my Turning point came as an artist.

Some Wire Frame shots

This was My attempt at doing an outside scene of a House.
I learnt a lot about Procedural materials and some physics and fluids.

P.S - That tree is Terrible LOL!.

So I decided to try my hand at Sculptris and cam out with this base shape.
I then took it into Blender for Retopo and into mudbox for fine details.

I tried to Create a Sci Fi Coridor suing the Modeling course for the Tower Defence game course here on CGC.

Just some Modeling tutorials to Further learn Maya.
Courses are on Pluralsight.

This is a Gun Case

Some solar panels.

A Stage.

And a Stun Gun

Here is the Forest Creature I was working on. 
I spent a lot of time on him and Decided he Needed a full Redesign so I changed to another Project for now.

This is what I was going for with the Vine look.

This was a Project I never got to finish, the Slavic Here.
It was a Project for the Artstation fantasy game character.

Some Shots of the hands.

And last but Not Lest, my Latest project.
I have now moved onto another for now.
Check out my Profile for more images.

As you can see, I have an Issue with not Finishing Projects lol.
But thats now changed with this Demon character. I was still trying to Figure out my way and now I know what I want to do so I am now Focused.

Hope you like this Progress of mine. Its been a long road but a good learning road.
There where a few others like a Dragon I never finished and a little Alien dude and a few other simulations and other models, but I couldnt find the Files.

  • Man! Really nice progress when did you start with 3D?

  • Thank so much.
    Its really awesome to see where I have come from, a huge motivation.

    I started back in June 2015, so just over 2 years now :)
    And started drawing 3 months before that LOL XD 

  • Nice one Jody :) , Its great to see the stuff you were doing before I met you :) . I think that was around the time you did the Halloween contest. Its great to see how you have progressed over the years :)

    Keep up the great work. I'm glad to have a friend like you here on CGC.

  • Awww man thanks bud :)
    You to man. You have been a Huge Driving force behind my Push and Im so Glad to call you a Friend and I look forward to the years ahead man and how far we both will do :D

    Yea that work was before we met, I think it was During the Contest we started chatting and giving eachother advice and it just took off from there :)
    Thanks man for everything.

  • crew

    I love the slavic character jodyls27! A lot of great cloth sculpting going on. 

  • Wow, Thanks theluthier 
    It was my first attempt at sculpting Cloth and I learnt a LOT ! to say the least.
    In the end I decided to Abandon the Project Due to some Design Flaws in the Anatomy.

    When I did this character I just posed a ZShere Maniquin and placed Clothing on top and went from there.
    Ill Start here again properly next time and She will be Great :)

  • Great stuff Jody! Can you also post your art station link?
    I have also bookmarked this post to follow the awesomeness. :)

  • Hi there Chetan, Sorry for the late reply, I have just updated the post and added a link to my Artstation account.

  • Hi there everyone, I thought I should do an Update on my current Project.
    I have done a lot of work on the face, Redone some Cloth sculpting on the Shirt, Recreated the leather armor, added the Belt, straps and their Buckles.

    Ill be doing a quick Simulation for the scarf (I am having trouble getting a good scarf from sculpting) and then ill be redoing a lot of the cloth sculpting.

    Please leave your Feed back.

  • crew

    Looking great so far Jody! 

  • Hay Everyone.
    Happy new year to you all may 2018 be fulled with success and accomplishing your Dreams.

    So I wanted to start the New year Fresh and a Friend of mine created a concept for me of a Sci-Fi Mining Prisoner. (He will be uploading it and then Ill have a link to it)
    So I thought id share my quick Anatomy Block out for this Guy, He will mostly be covered by cloth and Armor Bits so Imm not worried about the details in the anatomy.
    Here it is so far.

  • Awesome work! :)

  • Good work.

  • Hay everyone, Thought Id share where I'm Up to so far with the Sci-Fi Mining Character.

    This is a Quick Sketch I did in Zbrush.
    Those Rods at the back are Place holders for a Boolean operation ill Create later as there are holes for the Grappling support Cables that shoot out while he is mining on Asteroids to keep him stable.

    Please Leave your Thoughts :)

  • Hay all, Here is a Progress update.
    I have not had much time but this is how far I got with the Quick Sketches.

    The boots are a Level two Block in. The face and back are at Stage one.
    The chest will be Deleted and added later.

  • Hay there everyone.
    Just a quick Update on the top Section.
    I have been blocking in Last week and this week so far.

    Still a lot to do but im making great Progress inbetween other Projects :)
    Please as always leave your Feedback.
    Im still blocking out and trying some things that is altering the design of the character from the Concept. Im still keeping the overall design but allowing my self to keep in Design flows and looks the same.