John Crawford

3D Texture Painting/Drawing Courses?

There don't seem to be many courses on it. Is that something that's in the making or are there already really good resources?

To clarify, by texture painting, what I mean is literally drawing in the details of a model in texture paint mode or a different program. I know CG Cookie has a lot of great learning material for modeling in details (particularly in sculpting), and Tim von Rueden did a lot of great work in the drawing department, but what about the discipline that combines the two?

Case in point, something like:

As you can see, I don't think a lot of sculpting went into creating the model for the player character in Pokemon Sun & Moon. Most of the details, such as the facial features, would've been drawn in.

Obviously it's not as impressive on a technical level as a detailed sculpture, but for indie game developers, particularly one-man armies, I think it would be a valuable skill to learn for developing a fast workflow while maintaining a nice, pleasant visual style.

If you sculpted a few characters and applied all the PBR maps for that sexy detail, then you'd have to do that for everything in your game if you want to maintain a consistent style. If you're working alone, you'd be stuck working on it for several years.