Jason Finney

How to make quick 2d animation with blender? Npr

I don't know much about blender at all but I want to make 3d animations but wanting it to look 2d. 3d animations that try to look 2d are clearly 3d and I know it can be done with npr and freestyle but I don't know where to start. How do I make a 2d toon animations on blender? Something that can load in blender quickly. I'm assumeing that there's a way to make animation quickly with blender by using some trick of turning the 3d to 2d.

The reason I'm asking is cause rendering takes way to long and wondering if a sort of "2d" render would help. Even if itshe just line art if it renders faster. Takes a minute to render a image of toon style Suzanne.

I don't have special sharers or nodes. I don't even know how to use nodes yet, but is it even possible to make quick animations? Sorry for my hard question I been looking for the answer for weeks now.

  • crew

    Hey Jason, can we see an example of what you've rendered currently? It's definitely possible to render quick NPR animations, but how you do that depends on your scene. 

  • How would I show a example?(sorry I'm still new here)

  • crew

    No worries, you can just use the insert image button at the top left of the text editor.

  • is there a way to render just lines that only yhe camera sees? Not what the viewport see. Also just only lines basically just almost the wireframe.  Sorry again idk how to make this seem simple.

  • So is there a way to render just the line art with out the shading of the mesh? Maybe even just what the camera is seeing. Also I have a idea but don't know how to use it. 

    The idea is about marking the main "seams" like uv marking where these seams will get rendered instead of rendering any edge that's visible. I just don't want to have a mesh with freestyle that has the edge around the face lined in. 

    Is it a good idea? 

  • crew

    Hey Jason, there sure is! It's called Freestyle, and it draws lines over top of a Cycles or Blender Internal render. Here's it in action over a BI material set to shadeless:

    You can turn it on in the render properties, and tweak it in the render layer properties: