from paper to Tablet control

Hi there,

I am hobbyist, dropping in from time to time, and considering myself not an artist but someone who can easily sketch something out on a piece of paper. I have a tablet (wacom mid range) and I use it for blender, where it works quite well. 

Now I have a hobby project that requires more drawing, which would be no problem on a piece of paper, but I even can not get a simple outline for a face or even simpler a circle or a straight line going. 

I read much about control exercises on the internet and am am not new to using a teblet, only for free drawing  instead of contruction it seems not to work for me. I am kind of shocked, as at the moment, this makes it simply impossible to do what I wanted.

So if anyone has a clue how to get my control or if its the tablet or whatever I could try, please let me know.

Best wishes,


  • maybe open wacom contol panel and try mapping the tablet to a screen or part of a screen...

    maybe go so far as to force proportions, this should line the tablet to the monitor...

    if it's not this might I suggest that a "lazy mouse" or a smoothing device inside some software be used?

    hope this helps... 

  • Here's my own tricks & tricks:

    1) Use pen mode, not mouse mode. (Guess you know that)

    2) Make sure that 1 cm on the tablet matches 1 cm on the screen. Don't let the stroke gets scaled.

    3) Place the tablet directly in front of your monitor.

    4) Sit in a good chair, at a desk with the right height. You might also want to angle the tablet something like 30 degrees.

    5) Download some good pencils. If you're using Photoshop, Kyle Webster sells some good ones. I have made some free ones here:

    6) Remember to zoom in. Make a habbit of using the entire tablet for your strokes. Try to use the shoulder and elbow.

    7) But of course, an ordinary pencil will always have far better precision. I'm not sure which one is best, the wacom or the pencil. Both tools have their advantages.