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How do you guys balance learning and doing?

It's been about a month since I've joined CGC and two months since I've began learning Blender, however in that time I've only done about 7-10 "doodles" and about 3 actual small projects, not including any CGC exercises. While this doesn't seem so bad in retrospect given how much available time I have, I'm planning on switching to alternating between the days that I do CGC/other courses and the days that I work on small projects so that I can do more projects as well as being able to apply what I've learned so that it sets in better.

I just thought I'd share this and I would appreciate any input as well as getting to know how you guys manage your learning and project schedule. Thank you!

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    I find it very hard to try and line up whats your saying. Last I checked blender wasn't a canvas program for drawing so these doodles must be with the grease pen?

    This doesn't feel like a productive journal at all. Its almost like your reciting what your hoping to do vs what could happen in the future? Sadly my feedback is bagged tagged and frozen. 

    Almost a hundred projects of mine, small scaled and crumb sized back in the day as I learned had to be scrapped. What you have planned is a majority of the time not compatible with what you can pull off in blender.

    The only way I learned and you will learn better is going lesson plans that MATTER TO YOU personally. All these other options and lesson plans really didn't help get my projects or small scale plans anywhere. Its mostly like boring side assignments that offer no real insight for getting your project done, better, stabiler or fresher.

    Hell often times I had to search for resources not on CG cookie or related to blender to solve me needs. I think its safer to look outside this box and on yourself and ask "what does my project/goal really need?" because sadly you will have to answer that. Not this site or the plans it offers.

    And hell forbid the marketplace.

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