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Today´s doodles. Totally forgot how relaxing it can be to draw just free from my mind. After working months non-stop on my bachelor thesis and spending a lot of time with work and tutorials I haven´t doodled for weeks now.

New goal: Everyday a doodle :)

  • Well - I need to get more practise with colors.... 

  •  I like your sketches! :)

  • thank you Sam K :) 

    Today´s quick sketch:

  • crew

    Nice Jonas, I like your style!

  • Oh wow! Thank you so much. Well, I´m still finding myself in art. To keep the search alive I challenge myself to post everyday a doodle here. I hope it´s not considered as spam....

  • Today´s doodle turned out pretty well. I think I will work on it a bit tomorrow.

  • not spam at all... that's what this space is for... keep 'em coming...

    I at least enjoy them very much!

  • sigh - the last two days got occupied by christmas stress... So here is a quick and dirty doodle from today.

  • Saw her in the bus today. Loved her beautiful mouse-like face :)

  • Did not managed to draw much lately - I hope it will change soon. 

    I changed my plan into posting once a week all the doodles and drawings I made so far.

    I had time for a study this time though. Posted it in the gallery because of mature content.

  • Oh I really like that one! That neck shape looks great !

  • Still got no time for doodles and private projects because I struggle to manage my time with my new job in a grocery store (to pay my rent...)  I work in the morning and come back totally exhausted. It´s hard to find some energy to sit down and start working on getting better.

    but here are my painting exercises for this week. Actually this was pretty fun.

  • Love the expressions on these. 

  • ^ this exactly. Didn't even need to say it, but I figured I show my appreciation. My favorite is the first colored image.

  • So here we go again.

    Last weeks were quiet around me but a lot of stuff happened. I presented my thesis and graduated finally. After that I needed to take a break. The road to this goal was painfull and hard to achieve. So after I finally got my degree it felt like a mental chain unlocked and the inner stress fell from me. So I took a long break of two weeks... just doing nothing.
    But now I am hungry for more!

    So here is the few stuff I´ve generated in that time.

    My recent studies from week 03:
    I tried myself on asian faces and realized some struggles with it. Quick paintings in about 35 mins:

    To dive deeper into the subject I trained with step by step approaches

    For the presentation of my thesis I doodled some additional scenes of my main character. These should support the chapters in my presentation. My thesis was an animation concept with mainly focus on character design and storyboard.

    Chapter Time Management

    Chapter: Influences and inspirations

    Emotion : frustration (I had a lot of frustrating moments while creating my thesis. So it needed to be said.)

    Chapter: Layout of the conceptbook

    Chapter: Background Designs (damn you perspective!)

    Emotion: Confused about character design (where to start?)

    Chapter: Storyboard

    Chapter: initial idea and concept

    Chapter: Developing the story

    Chapter: Character design

    Fun fact: I shortened my presentation three times in advance because I got so much stuff to talk about. I barely managed to break it down to 45 min time (I thought this was the maximum length) and was very proud of myself as I managed to hold my presentation in 50 minutes.
    But my professor told me afterwards that the presentation of my thesis plus the FAQ afterwards should only last 45 minutes. We spended about 1 1/2 hours talking about my bachelor thesis but nobody seemed to be bored.
    And it didn´t influenced my grade either. Got an 1.0 ! :D
    But the first thing I had to hear by my uncle afterwards: "Well Jonas, you sure love to hear yourself speak."

  • So after a 3 month hiatus I´ve picked up my pen again this week.
    I am planning on posting every week a summary of my sketches. I hope I´d stay motivated, but right now I am just having a lot of fun.

    These are mostly inspired by my Pen and Paper Rounds.

  • crew

    meadoc Looks like you're making progress, keep up the good work! I especially like that last vehicle sketch. 

  • jlampel Thanks for the praise :) 

  • Summary of last two weeks. Happened a lot. Started at my new job. Was sick and in the hospital and went to a wedding. But here are the sketches of these 2 weeks.

  • Well I was on vacation and was busy with work for my new job.
    Some sketches I did in meantime. All for my pen&paper.