Do we still have access to the archive?

Wondering how to access the archive articles

  • crew

    We're still working on the archive. The goal is to bring it back in some form, but that's still to be determined. Tentatively we may just start uploading the archived videos to YouTube. 

    One way or another, the content should be made accessible again in the coming weeks. 

  • Looking forward to getting the archive back. I know that certain Blender features I use from time to time are still there, particularly relating to using the video editing features.

  • Thanks, looking forward to it!

    I'd prefer to have the videos in downloadable form with supplemental files like before,

    as it is more comfortable to use

  • Don't remove the archives! :), I enjoy the old full walkthrough videos of modeling cupcakes, pumpkins, etc as it reinforces using skills that you learn from the main courses :).

  • Yep....many a time I needed a fresh review of a project so it really helps to have them in my library as I need them...thanks CGC for working on this

  • I also wanted to point out that all the links in the youtube videos to archive files are now broken.

  • Would love to have access to the archives as well! They were super-useful :)

  • I like the idea of the archives being uploaded to youtube. It would save you bandwidth no? Being that it is original content, Wouldn't you be able to monetize from that as well? 

  • Guys I think this link will give you the access to Archieve:

  • Hallo

    i going through the moddelling a prosche 911 GT3 series. In youtube i got to part 4 then read if i wanted to continue id have to find the rest on Vimeo. I was busy on serie 5 when now Vimeo has taken of the course.  Where can i find the last part of the course.


  • crew

    Just a heads up that this page has been removed as the server is no longer active. 

  • crew

    Unfortunately that course had to be discontinued before I was able to finish it. 

    These two courses use the same basic approach but with much more up to date methods: 

    1. https://cgcookie.com/course/introduction-to-hard-surface-modeling
    2. https://cgcookie.com/course/modeling-a-post-apocalyptic-vehicle
  • +1 on getting the archive back
    currently, i have not exhausted the content yet but i figure at some point i would try to go back to old tutorials and sort of update it as an exercise. 

  • crew

    The archive will be back! I'm in the process of uploading it all to YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/blendercookie

    Since we have 7ish years of videos to get through, however, it's going to take some time. 

  • That's awesome. Looking forward to the vehicle series tutorial

  • Hello. Could it be possible that you guys upload cloth sculpting tutorial from archives. I think Kent was it's author. It is really awesome and straight to the point tut. Planes of the human head from Doris is great too. I had those on my HDD but lost it over time.


  • crew

    Hey nn1k2 , I'll definitely upload those when I come to them 👍 For the time being, we have an updated video of sculpting cloth here: https://cgcookie.com/lesson/clothing

  • Seems like actually putting the archive back on a working server would be a far quicker way of giving people access to it than uploading them to youtube.

    I actually looked at what you have uploaded to youtube so far and to be honest it is pretty disappointing.

    Why exactly wasn't the archive just moved to a new server it has been out of commission for fairly long time?

    Quite honestly getting the archive up and running again first would be more use to more people then a progressive migration to youtube.

    I can empathies with your position somewhat my backup drive got corrupted and I lost a lot of the stuff I previously had from the archive... I thought to myself well at least I can rely on the CGCookie archive.

    Looks like I learned a lesson without a video tutorial!

  • Oh I forgot to add a number of your tutorials & workflows actually make reference to other tutorials in the archive so you might want to look at that.

    Here is an example https://cgcookie.com/lesson/week-1-kickoff

    The spooky tree tutorial is an archive reference. I guess you could go through every single page of your server looking for the archive references, or you know maybe just put the archive back up?

  • Quick question: There was a great amount of really good 3ds Max training around here in the archive. Is it all deleted and lost?

    Such a shame ... I know you guys love Blender, but the Max training was also good.