Kamil Jodełko

Got a job in the industry :)

I found a cool message on my ArtStation profile a couple of days ago that made my eyes tear up a lil'. 

It was about one of the founders of Helios Games, a gaming studio that was created for the purposes of an upcoming Steam game (a team of 25 people) saying that they're impressed with the quality of my work and that they wanted to invite me to their team!!

I thought it's only logical to post it here since my adventure wtih CGI started with Blender and with the amazing tutorials that you guys keep releasing. 

So huge thanks to Jonathan Williamson, Kent Trammel and Jonathan Lampel for the tutorials and feedback.

A cool shout out to my Discord Channel "Gang" (you know who you are) :).

I just wanted to share some of my happiness with you guys. It turns out that if you want something hard enough and work for it you'll eventually get it.

I get to do what I love which is hard surface stuff :). 

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    Jonathan Lampel

    Congrats Kamil, that's so fantastic! Definitely well earned and I know you'll crush it. 👏👏🎉

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    Jody Stocks

    Well Done kamil.
    You have worked so hard man, and your Progress is Amazing. You Deserve this 110% and the CG Dream is only just Beginning.

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    Kamil Jodełko

    Thanks bud! That's the most exciting part!!! - I've just scratched the surface (pun sooo intended), and I know they're being way too polite about my work but I get to learn from guys whose portfolios kick so much as.s it's just crazy. 

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    Jonathan Gonzalez

    Congrats, always great to hear our members getting into the industry!

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    Kent Trammell

    HUUUUGE CONGRATS, x xaziu! Wow, I can tell you're feeling real good about now. We are too. So proud of you, dude 👏

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    Jonathan Williamson

    Congratulations x xaziu! That's fantastic news. I hope that you can share some of the work you do for Helios in the future :) 

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    Chetan Ranjan

    Congratulations x xaziu 

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    Matthew Fricker

    Well done Xaz buddy :) , you deserve it after all the work I've seen you put in since we became friends :) 

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    Great Job bud. Can't wait to see what you and your new team come up with. Congrats and best of luck in the future. 

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    Paul Haynes


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    Dolores 74

    Love to hear this.

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    Congrats man!

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    Two thumbs up! So happy for you. Congratulations!

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    Mark Smith

    congratulations, you are proof that it can be done...

    if one man can do it another man can do it!!

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    Cool, way to go! I hope you find more success in your work. 

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    Kamil Jodełko

    Thanks for all the kind words. It's really cool to read all this support. The last two months were really difficult for me, since I was putting in absurdly insane amounts of time into my craft with no regard for anything else. The cool thing is, the last 4 portfolio pieces apparently were the ones that convinced them to use me as their subdiv / hardsurface modeller. So the modelling rampages / learning sprees paid off. Also, I think I have narrowed down my spec. which will be firearms, props and vehicles. 

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    Megan Sheldon

    Congratulations! I am glad to hear of your success, it's definitely motivating to hear about for someone who is struggling to feel like they are making progress. 

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    Sam K

    I know I am a little late but that is awesome! Good for you!!! 

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