In Side the Mind of Kncukelhead

I have talked to a few people in the Community in the last few weeks. Knowing some of you may have wondered what happened to me for almost the last year. After reading Mr. Williamson's Blog in my email a few months back I started to write up a blog on what happened. After reaching out to the one Mentor I have always reached out to @pieiko  I have finally finished the blog. If you are wondering what happened and if i am coming back to the Community you can follow the link below. Hope your New year is going very well r

In Side the Mind of Kncukelhead



  • I know what’s inside your mind buddy. 

    The problem with you is that you have a serious lack of self-confidence. Who on earth is so stupid to lift a 1.000 lbs. ? You truly have to free yourself out of that kind of world and start to believe in yourself.

    The road to success is long and lonely. So, stop talking and start walking dude !

  • Can always trust in you to bring the sarcasm Thank for not changing over the last year. I owed a few people this blog post and you were one of them. I actually started on a new project last night but I will post what I make when it is done. Thanks of your support. 

  • Aways welcome my lord :-)

    Looking forward to see this project.

  • What I'm left thinking is... how can you lift 1,000 pounds!? I remember that video, maybe that's CG Cookie VFX compositing tutorials in the work.  ;)

  • He only gained bronze with it. Don't you remember this picture ? Can't show it full.

  • Hey Omar hope all is well. I plan on working this weekend I have already started watching videos of a class i have always wanted to take of Kents. Some others took this course and did pretty well I hope to have something to show on Sunday. Does everyone still use the slack channel to chat?

  • Oh man this was awesome LOL great i remember this so much LOL. Since then i have done a body building contest and got 6th place hope to rank higher this year and hope to have a new project spit out in the next 30 days we will see. 

  • oo nice. welcome back! :)

  • Thank you. 

  • Currently working on the retropo on my helm. I have some ideas i cant do untill final stages but here is my 3rd ever sculpt. 

  • Man, this is good ! You are making progress.

  • much improved... (especially knowing your thoughts on sculpting!!)

    keep up the good work...

  • Thanks I had alot of trouble smoothing my surface but Kent says in his class not to trust the sculpt use it as a guide to retropo. So i am hoping i can do that and come out with something that looks close to this. 

  • I still hate sculpting we both know this. But i read something the other day that made me smile. Sculpting is nothing without traditional polygon modeling. you still have to retropo your sculpt which is traditional polygon modeling. Which is what i like the most. After this course i will go back to a few character courses that are poly modeling only. After that i will come back to Kent's class and do his course. Then i will look for a concept artist i can work with and continue to model until i can start doing my own concepts again like my Jester!!