My character gets deformed with animation

Hey everyone!

I recently kicked off an amateur personal project with Blender, just to learn and get into the world of 3D animation and videogames.

I already learned how to model and rig (with rigify) a character, and I thought I knew how to animate too until I came across these 2 problems:

  1. I made 5 different animations (called Hop1 to Hop5) in which a monkey (the character I modelled) jumps in different ways. The thing is that when I play them one by one, all of them look the same -just like Hop2, although the Dope sheet shows different frames in each one. I tried to fix it making some changes in the other animations, but I think that the problem is that none of them are able to be seen but Hop2.
  2. When I select animations Hop4 and Hop5 the figure of the character gets deformed and it's no longet put back in the correct posture, even if I turn back to the other animations.

I returned to my project after Christmas holidays so Blender has been off for a few weeks. I say this in case it's part of the problem besauce I'm not sure. Any idea?

Thank you in advance!


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    Ronald Vermeij

    Hello LA
    I'm not an expert (yet) in animation, but I can offer you some (computer-related) tips which can help you:

    TIP - Divide and Conquer: -> Make a different BLENDER field for each hop-animation.
    - Start with 1 basis (root) Blender file which contains the entire character, model, rigging, textures.
    - Create X exact copies from this root file, each for every hop-animation
    - Work out the different animation in the different copies of the file
    This keeps this light, easier to handle and less complex for you to oversee.

    When a  (copy) file crashes, you can always go back to the (unmodified!) rootfile, make a copy from it,
    and start all over again, while you still have the other copy-files (containing the other animations) intact.

    TIP - Always have multiple (timelined) backup(s):

    -Start with a blender file and [save it as] V1.blend.. like monkey_hop1_v1.blend 
    -Work for a while then save it again with a new version number............. like monkey_hop1_v2.blend 

    If somethings goes wrong this your current file (and it will) you can always go back one file and continue
    with your work from the previous saved file.

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    Mark Smith

    it's my understanding that each animation needs to occupy a different place on the timeline...

    for instance hop1 is from keyframe 0 - 25

    then hop2 is from frame 26 - 50... and so on...

    it looks to me as if they are all stacked on top of each other...

    hope this helps...

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