mailbox snapping help (edited)

I tired to follow cg cookie mailbox video

and I can not understand how he snapped the vertexes I made a command asking how to did that but he dit get back to me heres my video of the problem 

  • Are you holding the Ctrl key when you hover over the vertex?

  • you can also turn snapping on with the little magnet icon next to the snapping menu, then you wouldn't need to hold control, although it can be a little jumpy that way.

  • I watched your video. You just need to click on the magnet. When the magnet is in color (orange/white), snapping is turned on. Then you just need to perform an action and move your cursor towards what ever you have chosen to snap to. Your selection will snap when your cursor is in the correct location for the snapping method you have chosen (i.e, if you are snapping to a vertex, just move your cursor to vertex you want to snap to).

    Shift + Tab will toggle snapping on and off.

  • thanks