Nightvision Shader Scopes

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  • Software: Unity 2017
  • Difficulty:

Lets Get Tactical!

In this exercise we'll expand upon our full screen night vision effect and include a texture overlay to mimic the effect of a night vision scope. Night vision goggles are a common game mechanic in first person shooters and similar action games. In this exercise you'll be required to create a night vision scope using a scope overlay of your choosing along with a way to enable or disable this effect through script. 

Submission Process

To submit your exercise create a video of your night vision shader working based off the requirements of this exercise. Once you have a video uploaded provide a link to that video for grading. 

Rules of the Exercise

  • 1
    Create a vignette around the night vision effect
  • 2
    Add a custom scope texture overlay that includes a crosshair
  • 3
    Provide a way to enable/disable the night vision effect through a C# script to mimic night vision goggles being used

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