back modeling exercise #01 - stormtrooper helmet

This is the first project I did after the mesh modeling bootcamp, feedback would be appreciated!

  • Status: Final
  • Adam Janz

    Very nice work! Freshly plucked from the head of Finn, no doubt... :-)

  • vonzaku

    This looks awesome.

  • melimeli

    This looks a lot like the real thing! Wow!

  • Goose Gosling

    baukepost Looking forward to see what comes of the feedback you get! :)

  • Bauke Post

    n3b I will wait a couple of days for some more critique (I also have a thread in the community about some issues: and then I will try to apply the feedback!

  • Bauke Post

    n3b Thank you for your critique, I appreciate it!

  • Goose Gosling

    This looks good! I think one of my critiques would be that the mouth area is a little too flat. I think the frowny mouth faces forward a bit too much. Also I believe that the helmets I've searched up here have a little more defined "cheek bones" if you know what I mean. Other than that the overall shape looks good! And the topology is great!