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Hey guys! I'm working on a sports car to prepare myself for the vehicle modeling class in june. This will be a project for multiple weeks, I think it will be finished in two or three weeks, depending on if I make the interior. Anyways, I'm already pretty satisfied, since my last car was an absolute disaster :).

  • Status: Work in Progress
  • Bauke Post

    tbrbn That's a really good point, thanks! Sort of copied my post apocalyptic vehicle tires :p. I don't know much about cars but you're absolutely right; those tires should be different.

  • Thibaut Bourbon

    Good job so far! Just one advice: it's a sport car, so the tires should be less "offroad-like" and more slick.

  • Bauke Post

    thecabbagedetective Thanks, I've already fixed the topology on the wheel guard and I'll do the lighting later (these are just matcaps). Next week on monday I try to have the exterior completely finished, including details. Look forwards to hearing your thoughts on it next week :)

  • Aaron Rudderham

    Props for getting a head start, personally too nervous to get stuck in without some guidance so I respect initiative. Also really nice topology (with the exception of the inside of the back wheels, but that can be cleaned up easily), that and lighting are my biggest downfalls so good on you for making it nice and smooth!

  • Bauke Post

    williamatics If you mean the inside, I completely agree. There must have been some unnoticed ngons or weird topology. I'll clean it up :)

  • William Miller

    It's pretty good so far, but the topology of the back wheel guard is horrible.