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Alleyway UE4 scene I did last year for Starbreeze studio and it took me five days of work

I used Blender for High-poly & Low-poly modeling and UVmap with textel density. I used Substance painter for baking and texturing and rendered the scene with Unreal Engine 4

Low-poly Verts: 12K

  • Status: Final
  • Large
    Prashan Subasinghe

    This looks really good! Awesome lighting work as well!

  • isaac souaci

    Sorry, I don't have tutorials yet but fortunately I'm about to start to provide tutorials here in CGcookie 😉
    For the electric wires, I made a curve and used another circle curve to use it as a bevel object then I got a pipe/wire that I can play with it fluently. Then I used a reference and started playing with the wires and this was the most fun part

  • Julian B

    Awesome! Do you have some tips or tutorials that specialize on asset and scene creation? If not can you at least tell me how you created the electric wires? Very good work!