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This is my latest project. I got more into sculpting with this for the first time. The sculpt turned out better than expected actually. I hope you like it.

Only Blender was used (minor tweaks in Photoshop)
Mostly procedural textures (The hand is full procedurally shaded)
Rendering: Cycles, 1500 samples, 1500x2000 px, 10h GPU

  • Status: Final
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    Steven Nani

    I have always seen this in BA, whenever i visited the site.And I thought, 'You must be kidding'.There's no way it's a render, though i know it is.I showed it to my brother and he said "Why are you showing a picture of a man's hands, playing the instrument", there you go brother it's perfect.

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    Kirk James

    I am left speechless at this, is this really CGI/render - please that is the highest compliment, and you must take it like that, when someone really doesn't know! I have seen a few now where I just don't know - but this is the most realistic I have ever seen!

    Tremendous work, you have a talent that is in orbit!

  • d

    I can't describe how fantastic this is. It's full of life, small textures, little details. You did an amazing job. Wow!

  • c

    Thanks a lot!

  • c

    Very kind, thank you!:)

  • c

    This is awesome to hear from you Kent!! It's the best compliment when you don't trust it to be a render ;) Tell me if you need more proof though :D

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    Kent Trammell

    Nevermind, I just found your thread on BA. Wow, great job! You had me fooled :D

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    Kent Trammell

    This looks very "photograph" realistic. Any chance you can link us to a WIP screenshot of this scene in Blender?

  • Large

    I agree with what Ceroe said, simply great

  • c

    Truly quite impressive work. Beyond the tremendous sculpting, magnificant materials, and effective lighting, there is a sense of emotion. I can almost hear the sound of the keys.

    Well done, Simon!

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