back Pocket Knife

I started this pocket knife for my BC1-1801 Week 2 Homework Submission and decided I wanted to focus more on the texturing and realism than the mesh modeling.

Hardest part was getting the badging on there with the red plastic texture. I eventually figured out that I could feed an alpha'd image through the a mix Shader node's fac and the 2nd color would be the color of the mix node... whew, hope I don't forget how to do that haha. Expect to see random badging in my upcoming works for repetetiveness sake ;)

  • Status: Work in Progress
  • Rainer Klaffehn

    Nice work!
    Well, the blade is looking distorted and not very sharp. And the bottle opener apperars to be too round and a bit out of proportion.
    Nothing that couldn't be improved, though.

  • Large
    Matthew Ullrey

    Excellent work! The dings and scratches add a great deal to the realism.