back Elf archer

old work

  • Status: Final
  • secretvalkyrie

    This is incredible! Your shading is on point, I love how the arrows in the quiver roll to the side like they're meant to and the armour is just gorgeous! You also did amazingly at bringing her into focus with the softening of the hair in the background.

  • Jonas Grund

    oh wow :O I really do love the gently colors!

  • Katerina Novakova

    I love her design, and especially that green coat. One day, when I'm really good at creating characters, I'd like to make a 3D version of her. :-)

  • Matthew Ullrey

    Beautiful costuming and attention to detail. I like the leaf and leather look.

  • elensanima

    Wow, supercute and very nice artstyle! It reminds me a lot of those old fantasy adventure books with images that I used to read as a kid.

    Good stuff :)