back LEGO Bionicle 2001

LEGO Bionicle 2001

  • Status: Final
  • gaurodan

    Absolutely incredible! For a moment I'd mistaken your renders for legitimate photos. Seeing talent like this greatly encourages me to better myself. It's still difficult to imagine that the photo I'm staring at doesn't contain actual toys!

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    Egor Rumyantcev

    rricardog Blender

  • Ricardo Gerbolés

    Really good work!
    What tools did you use for modelling?

  • Largecrew
    Kent Trammell

    No photos allowed, Egor...

    wait...WHUUUUUT?! 🤩

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    Adam Janz

    Very nice work and composition! I never did own any of the Bionicle sets, but I still have LEGO Magazines from that era. :-)

  • martin lisen

    Really good.

  • Largecrew
    Jonathan Lampel

    Whoa, the originals! Man, what a throwback. The closeups totally look like photos at first, great work 👏👏