back Still Life

I'm just trying to reach a photorealism in renders.

  • Status: Final
  • Eugene Merkulov

    pprocyonlotor I dont have any photo reference. Turns out that i messed up with wood texture. I plugged glossy map to reflection input. For background I use an HDR map. And for light I`m mixed together two hdr`s. Thanks for opinion )

  • John Sanderson

    This looks pretty good, and could easily be mistaken for a photo. A few things give it away to a critical eye. 1) the resolution of the background. 2) inconsistent lighting; the shadow of the bottle and plate extend left while the shadow on the apples comes toward the viewer. 3) depth of field; there seems to be some at work on the window frame, but the back edge of the table is perfectly crisp. 4) this is more my opinion, but the bump on the table surface seems a bit strong. Did you have a photo you were referencing?