back Robin

One of my favorite portrait studies so far.

  • Status: Final
  • georgeo1989

    iignaziodelmar well you absolutely nailed it. He was always a staple in my life because I've loved his movies and comedy since I was very young. If you sell prints of this, I'll be the first to buy.

  • Ignazio del Mar

    ggeorgeo1989 Thanks for your great comment. Robin as an actor was a heart warming companion of my youth, so I felt great sadness about the way he left. It was at that time that I understood it was the melancholy of a lonely man that loved to make others smile. And that was what I tried tocapture here.

  • georgeo1989

    This is awesome and it makes me feel warm. You captured him perfectly.

  • Ignazio del Mar

    Thanks a lot!

  • cjohnson

    Love it!

  • Samantha Gerber

    simply amazing :O

  • Ignazio del Mar

    Thanks for your comment and watching my work!

  • Jonathan

    Nice! Well done. Will be watching to see more of your work.