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"First there was only darkness. Then there were stars, more than she had seen before. From the shadows a mysterious stranger emerged. He had a mask with bright orange eyes and the smile of insanity.

"Welcome to the Void! I been waiting for you..." -Thousands of fangs could be seen as he spoke.-

"What are you?" Were the first words that came to her, the first words that she has ever spoken. "My name is Jack, may you tell me yours?". She tried to remember, over and over again. But there was only darkness. "Haha! You see, there's a reason you are here, I can't get out of this place, I would turn into smithereens! But you, you can go out as you please, and I have a deal you can't refuse. Slay them Harts, and bring me their souls. For each I'll give you one memory of yours back"

She tried to step back, the floor crumbled behind her. There were more stars. "Careful, up and down are the same here haha! I see you don't believe me... then what about this? First one is free!" From his claws came a small light, It started seeking her.

"Now dear, tell me, what's your name?"

"My name is Bianca" She remembered.

Five thousand one hundred and forty nine souls had been taken since that day. There is only one left needed to open the door. One left to go home."

(If you are wondering why my user name and one of the character's name in this story are the same, I made my account with that character on mind. It's kind of awkward now haha)

I made this character for March 2018 Class "Creating Stylized Characters with Blender". This class came at the right time. Sad things had happened recently, and taking this class really helped me, giving me something else to put my mind on.

But we are not here to cry, we are here to learn! And oh boy, did I learn.

To begin with, I wasn't 100% sure were to go with this character when I started, maybe 65%. I knew what she would be wearing, but I was still unsure how much cat and how much human should she look like. And she used to look much more like an amalgamation between the previous characters I posted (In my story she technically is that plus a few more dead characters: a soul without body, with a body without souls).

But doing that is lazy.

So during sculpting I took the opportunity to play around with the brushes, until I ended with something I actually fell in love. My sculpt skill were as terrible as my drawing ones, but now I had an idea to pursue. And one face mesh course later I managed to create something that would blow the mind of my past self from 2 years ago! And the hair, oh my! I was surprised with how good it ended up!

For the final step I created quite a few textures and maps with Substance Painter. That program is amazing! And I did the eyes' and hair textures in Blender. It was quite fun to do when I found out how to use the gradient brush!

Well, we got to the end of this journey. There's a few more adventures to take, and I promise the next character's outfit and colors will be completely different!

Thanks a lot to Kent theluthier for a very enjoyable class, I'm already preparing some concepts for the next one! And thanks to everyone who participated in it, It was great to interact with new people! Hope to see you guys and gals next class!

  • Status: Final
  • crew
    Kent Trammell

    Yours was a very memorable character from BC2-1803. Fantastic work, Jack 👏

  • Jack

    baukepost Oh yeah, I think I forgot to link the curvature map. I'll fix it when I'm back home!

  • Bauke Post

    That's some nice topology you've got there and the sculpting looks great as well. I do think the skin shader doesn't look very realistic though.