back Fresh New Bike

A fresh new bike modeled all in blender. Admittedly there are many things I don't like about the shading and posing, but to be able to say I made the model for this makes me proud. Definitely helps me feel as if I got a good grasp on hard surface modeling. Of course, there is still MUCH to learn! Off to better things, hopefully! (the original sized image was too large, so this one had to suffice)

  • Status: Final
  • John Dixon

    baukepost Thank you very much for the critiques ^~^ I honestly felt the same things. Next time I do something similar I'll be sure to cover all my bases!

  • Bauke Post

    baukepost *thin

  • Bauke Post

    A few things I noticed: the saddle is a little bit too low poly, the kickstand seems very thing and red cilinder thing in the middle feels a bit weird. Other than that it looks great!