back King of the Feast

This render was created for the Blender Market spring sale 2018 event, and is unique because it is composed of only market products that were on sale.

  • Status: Final
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    Adam Janz

    Amazing work. :-) The lil' gerbil (or whatever it is) discovered bread and donuts are more fortifying than ball point pens. If only the mice in our old first house learned the same... they enjoyed munching on Crayons. :-)

  • guiltyassinn1

    this is so cute and really well done, I love everything about this, it looks like a scene from a movie.

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    Bauke Post

    This must have been a challenge to make with the restriction of only using assets from the market. Well done sir!

  • Elena Grondin

    It's Wine Feast in Bordeaux in a week, seems like the perfect mascotte is here :)